Welcome to Indo·ology – The Study of Cannabis

Cannabis research is currently in it’s infancy and medicinal breakthroughs are being discovered at an incredible pace.  A plant once associated with everything wrong with society has been elevated as a potential remedy for many of today’s most pressing ailments.  Cannabis research is ongoing for cancer, epilepsy, parkinsons, alzheimers, multiple sclerosis, and many more common ailments and diseases.

Medicinal cannabis can be traced back thousands of years, however its accepted use has just begun in the modern era.  Cannabis research has been neglected due to prohibition and negative perceptions of the drug.

The use of medicinal marijuana is spreading like a wildfire following the end of a global prohibition that fell like a house of cards.  Legalization started in the US and has now circled the globe in less than a decade.  Intense interest and medical research has followed, and is just starting to provide a glimpse of the potential for cannabis when combined with modern medicine.